Carols for Kings
There is a long Christian tradition of celebrating Christmas by the singing of carols, with relevant Bible readings also included in what has become a staple for most churches at this time of the year: the Carol Service.  The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge is listened to or watched by many millions around the world each Christmas Eve.
This year we have had to carefully consider how we might include carols in our own Kings’ Christmas celebrations.  With the government encouragement to meet less, and to avoid loud singing, we decided that the best option was to go online.  We are also aware that it can be difficult to sing along at home, even though this is a safer environment.  Therefore we made the decision to include 5 carols performed by members of the Kings’ worship team, some which may be unfamiliar, but all of which will hopefully help tell the Christmas story.  We are also delighted that Phil Grieve agreed to read his reworking of 5 of the traditional readings from the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.
Introduced by Rachel and Craig Burton, we hope you find this Carols from Kings service a helpful way to engage with the Christmas story. Taking part are Nikki Clarke, Sam Deakin, Laura Donaldson, Rebecca and Phil Grieve, Eleanor Mitchell, Patrick Thompson and William Thompson, with the video recording and production carried out by Jude and Patrick Thompson.
The recording will go live at 7pm on Sunday 20th December.
Click the link below to watch: