What do Sundays look like for Kids?

The kids groups run during our morning meeting for children aged up to 11yrs. The children explore Bible stories, sing songs, play games and do craft activities.

Here is all the information you and your family will need if you’re planning on coming along:


When you arrive on Sunday mornings there will be a member of the children’s team at a table in the foyer ready to sign your child in for their group – we recommend arriving a few minutes before the service to allow time for this. If it is your first time or if you are just visiting you will be asked to fill out a card with a few details about your child so that we can best take care of them up in their group.

Age groups

We have grouped the children into coloured groups as follows:
Yellow  Babies to 2 years 10 months
Green Pre-preschool to P1
Red P2 – P3
Blue P4 – P7

Family Room

Babies and toddlers are welcome to stay in the hall for the service, but if at any point you need a little extra room for nursing or playing, we have a family room available. (With play boxes and live feed to the meeting).

To find the Family Room, leave the main hall and go through the double doors on the left hand side (as you face the sea-side of the building). The Family Room is the last door on the right at the end of this corridor. A member of the welcome team can direct you if needed!

Dropping off

  • Children in all groups from will go into the meeting for the initial worship time.
  • At around 10.45am when worship time ends the children will go to the back of the hall and gather with the leaders who will take them up to their groups*. There will be a coloured flag that will help the children to identify which leader they go to.
  • *Parents and carers of children in the Yellow group will take the children to the Yellow room (members of the team can direct you if needed).
  • Most weeks the Green and Red groups share some time together in the Balcony Room singing a couple of fun worship songs with actions before going to their separate rooms for activities etc.
  • If your child needs you to come with them initially to the group then that’s totally fine!


  • Parents and carers of children in the Yellow and Green groups will be notified on the main screen when to collect their child (towards the end of the meeting).
  • The children in the older groups will be brought down to the hall by the leaders during the final song.
  • Please do not leave the hall until your child has reconnected with you.
  • Our church building is not the safest or most secure, so to avoid any accidents, make sure your child/children stay in the main hall after the meeting.


  • Please encourage your child to go to the toilet before the meeting begins.
  • If you have a young child who needs help going to the toilet during the session, you will be fetched to help them OR a member of our team will assist them WITH YOUR PERMISSION.
  • If an older child needs the toilet, an adult volunteer will show them where to go and wait outside before accompanying them back to the group.


  • Janice Courtney, who coordinates the kids’ praise times, has put together a Spotify playlist so that the kids can enjoy them during the week.
  • Try getting your child to teach you the actions!
We hope your child will enjoy their time in our Sunday groups, make friends and learn lots!
Please talk to them about what they are learning and give us feedback on what is working or not working for your child.
If you have any questions or need any more information then please contact the Children's Worker Ruth: [email protected]


All our regular volunteers have received an ACCESS NI police check and attended safeguarding training.
You can find details on how to contact a member of the safeguarding team by clicking the button below:

Interested in joining the team?

Being part of our children’s team is an absolute privilege and a fantastic opportunity to see God at work in the lives of our youngest. If you’d like to find out more about joining the team then click the link below.


Youth – looking for info about our Youth group?

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