Our statement of faith in story form:

God, who has eternally existed in a communal relationship with Himself – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, created all things good. Humankind was created with a holy vocation to bear the image of God on earth and to rule over it in God’s name, while living in relational harmony within themselves, with others, the creation, and God.

Humanity, tempted by the enemy, rebelled against God’s good authority and moved out from under their original calling to bear the image of God in harmony with Him. Sin and brokenness entered the creation and ruptured human relationships with themselves, others, the creation and God.

God did not abandon His creation but acted in grace to bring about the restoration of all that had been broken by sin. God calls Abraham to father a family, a people and a nation who were chosen by God to represent Him on earth and to mediate the blessing of God to the world. Despite their unique identity as the people of God, Israel became indifferent to their calling and were sent from the land God gave them into exile. God returned them from exile but they never regained momentum as God’s missional people.

Jesus, in His unique identity as the Son of God, born from the people of Israel, came to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God in all its fullness, fulfilling the promises of God,  proclaiming good news to the poor, binding up the broken hearted, and proclaiming freedom to the captives. His life demonstrated what restored humanity could look like, his death enabled victory over suffering, sin and death, and his resurrection guaranteed restored life to all who trust in him and in his message.

The Spirit is poured out on the church to affirm as God’s children all those who give allegiance to Jesus and to empower the church to be the body of Christ – the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth, partaking in His mission and living in anticipation of God’s Kingdom coming in fullness. It is here, in the light of what’s gone before, and what’s promised to come, that we play our part in the grand story of God.

Jesus will return to judge the world and bring an end to all the effects of sin and death. On His return the realm of God (heaven) will overlap once again with the realm of humanity (earth) and the creation will be restored to its original purpose. Our relationships with ourselves, others, the creation and with God will be fully restored to God’s original intention. All things will flourish!

Becoming a Christian is essentially taking up our place in this story through allegiance to Jesus and trusting in the power of the cross and resurrection to:

  1. Forgive our sin
  2. Heal our brokenness
  3. Release God’s Kingdom
  4. Secure our future