We were delighted to recently receive a grant of £108,000 from the Benefact Trust. This is a tremendous encouragement to us as we seek to grow momentum in our fundraising. Planning permission has also been granted for the ramp and additional windows.


We exist to Follow Jesus, Make a Difference and Grow New Disciples in Bangor, in our Land and Across the World. We want to see people transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit working in them. The need is clear – many people are hurting and lost: they need to find Jesus. We want to increasingly take our place along with the other churches in Bangor to extend the love of Jesus.

As part of that vision we believe God is calling us to renovate our building at 196 Seacliff Road, Bangor. This work will enable us, with God’s help, to deliver our vision. We want to provide a warm welcome and offer hospitality to all; to generously support and serve our local community so that people might start following Jesus for the first time. We also want to provide a place for us and future generations to worship, be taught in God’s ways and grow as disciples.

Our site is in the middle of a seafront area designated for regeneration. Strategic plans have been passed for redevelopment. We have had discussions with the local Council which has identified potential additional uses for our building to benefit the community. We are also following up with a number of local organisations about providing a venue for local events. We want to play our part in Bangor regeneration, providing a place which will be central to a vibrant community life and make a positive impact in the city.

Here is a building update video that we released in August 2023 highlighting the preliminary work that has been carried out so far:


Our building is in need of major work if it is to continue to be our spiritual home and be a visible presence in the City of Bangor. We are not looking for luxury – but we do want to be hospitable and welcoming. We need a good efficient heating system; ramps and a lift to make the building accessible for all (those in wheelchairs and with buggies); equipped kitchens so we can prepare food; an inviting community space at the front for the local community and ourselves to use; and the exterior weather-proofed and appearance enhanced.

In January 2023 we spent our Sunday morning service going through the Vision for the Building Refurbishment and an outline of the plans:


The cost of the project is estimated to be in the order of £1.5 million. We are most grateful for the many in our community who are helping towards raising the funds needed through both monthly giving and one-off gifts. We are also approaching charitable trusts for support and were delighted to recently receive a grant of £108,000 from the Benefact Trust which was a huge encouragement.


Some preliminary investigation work began in the autumn of 2023. In December we carried out work on a ramp at the front of the building as well as working on drainage areas, fire-doors, and beginning work on the storage area to the right of the stage in the main hall. We plan that work on the exterior of the building will take place in the spring of 2024 to the roof, guttering and facades of the building. There will be no need to move out of the building during this time.

The next phase will be to carry out work on the main hall which we would want to start later in 2024.


  1. PRAY
    Please pray that:
    • God will unlock the resources needed to refurbish the building. We believe that as we seek Him first and His righteousness all these things (buildings, people and resources) will be added to us (Matthew 6: 33).
    • We keep Jesus and His purposes central in all we do. This work is not primarily about a building of concrete but building the Kingdom of God.
    • We are changed and transformed as a people and so bring change to Bangor, our land and across the world.
    • Wisdom, skill and understand be given to those involved in actual building work: design, procurement, construction, managing finances, health & safety, working with our neighbours.

  2. GIVE
    We recognise that our ability to contribute towards the project will vary according to our individual circumstances. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to give and partner with us in this exciting project.

    If you want to start giving to the building fund or increase what you currently give either in a lump sum or on a monthly basis it would be helpful if this is done via a bank transfer or a standing order (giving through our website attracts a bank fee so Kings would not get the full value of your gift). It is also really helpful if your gifts can be Gift Aided if you are a taxpayer – Kings then receives an additional 25% to the gift.

    Our giving details can be found on our Giving page.

    Please contact Lesley Stewart at [email protected] if you require more information on giving or Gift Aid.

    We would love that people are able to contribute to the project in as many ways as possible. If you have specialist skills which you believe would be useful in the project please speak to Peter Johnston at [email protected] or Sam Deakin at [email protected]. You may also be prepared to volunteer time to carry out unskilled work which will help to reduce the costs of the project. Again please contact Peter or Sam.


If you have any questions or comments about our vision and the building project we would love to talk to you. Please speak to one of the Leadership Team.