On the morning of the 21st February we’re going to give a bit of time to share stories and encourage one another with things that we’re thankful for.

We’re asking each household to consider videoing a very short thankful message. This could be in the form of a spoken message or even as a painting or drawing.
Lynn explains more in the video from last Sunday’s morning meeting – click here and jump to 12 minutes into the video.

We want to make sure everyone is able to get involved, so please don’t worry too much about making a perfect video! However, if you’d like some guidelines, see the notes below.

How to record your video

  • Please record in landscape mode, not portrait (that means holding your phone sideways, not vertical!)
  • If you’re using your phone to record, it’s best to use the front camera (not the one built into the phone’s screen).
  • You might need someone to help you, by holding the phone for you. But don’t worry if this isn’t possible!
  • Record it in bright surroundings, either daylight or in a room that is brightly lit
  • Outside is good, but be careful it it’s windy as this will be picked up on the microphone
  • Finally – do a quick test and watch it back first before doing your final recording

How to send in your video
Hopefully you can easily access your video on your phone – usually it’s wherever your photos are stored. Short video clips will normally be ok to send by email, but you could also try sending them by WhatsApp to the Kings phone – the number is 07743 866164. Email videos to [email protected].

If you record a longer video, you my need to find a different way to transfer the video file, as it may be too big for email or WhatsApp messaging. Please feel free to contact William (07802 874111) if you need help.